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Kryn-TheBeginningThis music was never meant for me. That said, I enjoyed this album as a whole. The mix works well throughout, though sometimes it falls under a more typical beat that rappers go by. The beats are original, as far as I can tell, and the words carry some weight. The Beginning is a great way for K.ryn to set off his career.

The first song on the list is ‘Intro’, and what a hell of an introduction this has been – the build-up, the show, the strength behind the words – I’m surprised it hasn’t been heard by more people. The background vocals are nearly hypnotizing and ring through your head long after the song is over. ‘Every Way’ comes across as more typical in terms of how rap songs go. The subject matter is also pretty typical of rappers in the sense that most artists rap about reaching their dreams despite strong doubts that come against them. They are their own prime inspiration, drawing strength from their hometown and never forgetting where they come from.

With the song ‘Monument’, I wish K.ryn stuck with the political themes that he started out with instead of fizzling out to the dime-a-dozen “big money” songs like this one. If the king is dead, I don’t think that the next song ‘New Reign’ is bringing anything new to the table. Unfortunately, this song just doesn’t stand out. From the typical back-beat, the uninspiring words, the deep voice in the background you hear in a lot of pop songs and the child’s vocal overtones – the piece was underwhelming.

I like the focus on a specific subject in ‘Glitter’ as it addresses a young girl caught up in “star syndrome” and her fruitless pursuit of it. This song was considerably well-thought out and mature, looking at a certain situation with a level-head. The musical narrative is worth mentioning and the dreaminess of the background mix struck me as effective. ‘Late Night’ is as toned-down a party song as you can get. You might hear this kind of a song in a club between more jarring songs. I also like that the song is somewhat contemplative of itself.

Kryn-1‘Just Landed’ sounds like a song that would come at the beginning of an album, so I’m surprised it’s the seventh song. A lot of it is reminiscent of the “fuck the haters” kind of genre, unfortunately falling in line with what’s expected of rap. Many songs in this mixtape are starting to sound the same and ‘I Don’t Care’ is an example of that. Understandably, with every album comes a few hits and a lot of misses that are just filler. K.ryn was smart enough to treat this mixtape as the musical portfolio he needs to keep going in this business and perceptive enough to put his strongest songs at the beginning and end. The middle might need some work to keep listeners interested.

The album ends with a bang with ‘The End’, bombastically wrapping up this testament to the young artist’s career. The words and the background flow feel like a bit of a throwback to classic rap of the early ’90s. It isn’t my favourite on the list, but it has a strong enough end to it.

All in all, I find the rapper to be precocious and a lot more mature than other beginning rappers I’ve heard. I think he can set himself apart with songs like ‘Intro’ and ‘Glitter’ that have more substance to them than what’s expected of rap. With further promotion and if he develops an already existing knack for uniqueness, he can rise above the run-of-the-mill rappers.

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  1. Solid review for a solid mixtape. K.Ryn is on his way to being one of the great. Stay focused kid

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