July 9, 1964

July9On this day in 1964, Courtney Michelle Harrison – or, as we know her, Courtney Love – was born in San Francisco, California, to hippie psychotherapist Linda Carroll and a drug-addicted, once short-lived band manager of The Grateful Dead, Hank Harrison.

By age nine, Love was sent to live with other family members and friends of the family in Oregon due to her uncontrollably bad behaviour. At age 14, she was living at Hillcrest Youth Correctional Facility after she was caught shoplifting a KISS or AC/DC t-shirt (her story changes often).

Upon Love’s release at age 16, she decided to make money by stripping. Love ventured to London where she started to seriously dabble in prescription pills, alcohol and heroin.

Love spent her time there intoxicated on barbiturates and speed, bed surfing from one musician’s place to the next. It was here that she decided that she would rather become the musician, instead of just “fucking the musician”.

Love returned to L.A. and started forming undirected fake bands throughout the late ’80s, mostly posing for photos and taking drugs together, never really writing or playing music.

In between trying to be a “rockstar”, Love would appear in Alex Cox’s films Sid and Nancy and Straight to Hell.

In 1989, Love put out an ad in the L.A. Recycler, looking for bandmates. Guitarist Eric Erlandson would respond to the ad and very shortly after, Miss Love had her own band, Hole.

The group’s first LP was titled Pretty On The Inside. It was raunchy and received awful reviews.

In January of 1990, Love met rising musician Kurt Cobain while at a night club where Cobian’s band Nirvana was playing. The two spent that evening together and rarely separated ’till his death by suicide in April of 1994. A daughter – Frances Bean Cobain – was born to the pair in 1992.

Love’s second LP, entitled Live Through This, was released on the very day her husband’s body was found in the couple’s home in Seattle.

The album was a huge success, and Rolling Stone Magazine named it ‘Best Album of the Year’ for 1994.

Love did not take time to mourn; she immediately set out on a world tour to promote her record.

Love would sober herself up in 1996 for a four-year period, during which time she was briefly engaged to actor Edward Norton, and had major roles in such films as Feeling Minnesota, Milos Forman’s The People vs. Larry Flynt, Man on the Moon and Beat.

In 1998, Hole released a third studio album, titled Celebrity Skin, which received mixed reviews.

Since then, Miss Love has only found herself in deep legal trouble, psych wards, drug addiction and finally the loss of custody of her daughter.

She can currently be found ranting insanely on Twitter.

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