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JordanRakei-FranklinsRoomIf you are anything like me, one of the best things that could happen to you in a day is finding a song that relaxes you and that makes your head bob. A song that can make you think and help clear your mind, all at once. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s a bit of a big deal. You can imagine, then, what a luxury it was to have found six of these songs, put together to make for twenty-one whole minutes of pure bliss. The man responsible? His name is Jordan Rakei.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Rakei puts his powerful voice and songwriting skills to use in his EP, Franklin’s Room, released in September 2013. The six-track album consists of blends of reggae and soul feels that just work. The ease of the transition from the more delicate tones of ‘My Time’ into the less subtle, soulful tones of ‘Living in the Past’, Rakei’s debut album takes listeners on a journey guaranteed to lead them astray from the everyday. Each of the songs tells a story, filled with meaning that got me to consider things in ways I wouldn’t have otherwise.

JordanRakei-1I owe it to myself and to the music world to shed some light on one track in particular – ‘Selfish’. The track is the perfect example of how the album can relax you and excite you at once. The third of the six tracks on the EP, the experimental blend of soul, reggae, and jazz got me swaying around in my seat within seconds. The trumpet (there’s a trumpet!) is the icing on the cake, really. The way everything comes together with Jordan’s voice gives off this light groove that’s hard to put into words. It wasn’t until I’d started trying to sing along that I’d really paid attention to the lyrics – it wasn’t at all what I’d expected. The chorus breaks into “’Cos you’re selfish . . . and you’re always thinkin’ bout ya,” which, to me, is awesome. The song puts this negative energy that I would normally associate with loud, fast, angry-sounding music, and pairs it instead with this sort of nonchalant, laid-back groove. It’s almost like a you-suck-but-I’m-okay-with-it.

Overall, the album, along with basically anything else Jordan Rakei touches, calls for good vibes, strong messages, and a great listen.

Franklin’s Room can be downloaded, for free, at Rakei’s BandCamp. A new EP, Groove Curse, is coming out soon.

To hear more of Jordan Rakei, check him out on SoundCloud.


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