Indie Week :: Philly Moves

PhillyMoves-1Philly Moves, the Toronto-based duo (by way of Ottawa) spoke with Raz Mataz many moons ago, and they were no less passionate on stage at Tota Lounge for Indie Week than they were then.

They opened their set with their newest single, ‘Old as Fuck’. It was a slower track, one usually reserved for the middle of a performance, but the gamble paid off. The audience certainly played off their passion and were absolutely entranced in the music. It also helped that the crowd was mostly fans of the duo.

Johnny Rockwell, who I reluctantly call the hypeman, played several instruments – ukelele, guitar and whatever magical equipment DJs use – and really worked to highlight the skills of MC Tragic. Tragic’s lyrics are amazing, and his delivery ensured that nothing was lost in the live set. Rockwell also sang on stage, further proving that he was hardly taking up space.

But, the best part of the set happened at the very end. The men comprising Philly Moves engaged in a scat battle.

Yes, they’re a hip hop duo.

It was wholly unexpected, but the crowd seemed into it, and the finale didn’t seem at all out of place – going to show the reach of the duo’s talents.

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