Heidi Howe

HeidiHowe-1Coming directly from Louisville, Kentucky, is a bright, fresh and sincere artist that is becoming known for her Americana and alt-country music. Heidi Howe is an artist that intersperses real-life events and down-to-earth lyrics that perfectly coincide with excellent strumming on her big red guitar!

Howe’s gradual and determined climb up the ladder of country music’s notable personages were carefully nurtured and enhanced during her childhood years. Raised by a music teacher and a concert promoter, Howe’s interests in singing and writing heart-felt music flourished.

With her own unique style, she was nonetheless compared to the likes of Dolly Parton, Cyndi Lauper, Todd Snider and Natalie Maines. Her strong and powerful voice emits grandeur; Jeffrey Lee Puckett wrote in The Courier Journal that her voice is “mighty big for someone so small.”

When releasing her debut album in 1999, Howe was immediately recognized for her potent voice and powerful lyrics. Her lyrics place importance on moral values and everyday issues. She is steadfast in her determination to provide only the best possible lyrics and tunes that relate to almost all people. She has since became a prominent contender among many famous songwriters.

HeidiHowe-2Since the release of her first debut album, Howe has toured internationally, as well as at large concerts in Nashville. Her music has also been featured in television films!

Nationwide praise came Howe’s way when she delved into environmental activism, spiritual music and children’s music. As you can see, Heidi Howe is able to reach a plethora of audiences!

Howe’s debut album, titled Be Good, is scheduled for release in the February 2014. The songs on the album will definitely intrigue and entertain you. The lyrics naturally flow and capture the attention of audiences, as nearly everyone can find a little of themselves in her songs. The light, fun and catchy rhythm is an integral part of her style, as she once said that she favours intimate shows and performing for a small audience that would truly grasp her songs and lyrics, rather than a flashy and large audience. That alone clearly indicates how devoted and sincere Howe is towards her songwriting and music!

Her songs are not merely melodious, but the lyrics are sincere and common to many, as exemplified through her work and her charm.

For a delightful taste of Heidi Howe, visit: www.heidihowe.com.

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