Glory Glory :: ‘Indigo Sun’

GloryGloryGlory Glory, the Halifax-based indie band that refuses to be pigeonholed into a single genre, are back with the single, ‘Indigo Son’, off their new EP, titled So Long, and they’re more glorious than ever . . .

The album sees Glory Glory tag-teaming with Grammy-nominated producer and mix engineer Justin Gerrish (of Vampire Weekend and Strokes fame), and what a tag team it is. But you didn’t come here to hear me repeat something you can read on their Facebook page. You came here with a question: Should I be excited about ‘Indigo Son’, and the album it belongs to, and if so, why? (okay, so that’s two questions, but whatever).

Well, first off, my answer is: Be excited. Be very excited.

‘Indigo Son’ opens with a swathe of sun-kissed, dream-pop-ish dreaminess. A muttering bass line in the background, as well as a light, airy backing beat, serve as this track’s foundation. It’s over this aural foundation that clean, swirling, chiming guitars interweave, giving the feeling that we’re floating around in a sea of sound.

GloryGlory-SoLongWarm, melodious vocals that blend immaculately with the sonic canvas, seem to take our hands and lead us through soundscapes suffused with a warm, afternoon glow. Arpeggiating, almost bell-like synth textures, well up like an underwater river (yeah, I said “underwater river”. Google it, if you think I’m making it up), around the three-minute-and-thirty-seven-seconds mark, serving as a nice interlude, and adding a great element of variety to the track. Interestingly enough, it was during this bit that I was reminded somewhat obliquely of the Beach Boys’ ‘Feel Flows’ (it has the same, lush, summery afternoon feel). Sneaky, minor chords make this interlude sound kinda like a sonic interplay between golden, sunset light and shadow.

The whole thing is basically like a vacation in a can. Just add headphones (or better yet, blast it out of your car speakers and give the whole neighbourhood a dose of second-hand sun).

‘Indigo Son’ reminds me of a sort of cross between Beach House, and fellow Canuck artist, Caribou. Don’t let that fool you, however. Glory Glory’s sound is still firmly unique.

This track was an absolute joy to listen to (especially after the sucker punches our glorious Toronto weather treated us to lately), and I for one, am going to be first in (virtual) line at the iTunes store on April 1 to get the full album.

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