Gemini Wired :: ‘What Now?’

GeminiWired-1A beautiful and bright young woman from Boston, Mass., offers a powerful and passionate message about bullying through her magnificent voice and the mesmerizing music video for her song, ‘What Now?’ The video, which you can watch here, features a heart-wrenching performance about the implications of bullying and the experiences that victims encounter at school.

Kristian Bryant, better known as Gemini Wired, has raised the bar on anti-bullying in schools and elsewhere, especially since this problem has made numerous headlines in the news in the last couple of decades.

Bryant, being a victim of bullying herself, knows all too well how hard, demeaning and scary those times can be, and decided to get the message across through her lyrics and music. She not only uses her own experiences as inspiration, but offers inspiration and hope to all victims of bullying while simultaneously encouraging bystanders to step up to the plate and report such incidents. Her emotional and compelling music video is a perfect depiction of in-school bullying and the effect it has on its victims.

We truly must applaud this young and talented artist that has managed to complete high school, obtain a scholarship to a university, while being strong and brave through her own personal hardships and dilemmas with bullies in school.

There are, unfortunately, many young people who are bullied, and Bryant delivers a powerful message of inspiration and hope to all victims of bullying, and shows the bullies themselves what possible outcomes await them when caught.

What is poignant about Bryant’s video are the sad statistics shown about bullying and the horrific impacts it has on the victims.

It’s evident that such a meaningful topic, driven by resolute determination to offer help to victims, is the inspiration behind ‘What Now?’

GeminiWired-2Bryant’s interest in music developed at a young age, and when turmoil struck, she continued enjoying music but focused on her education. During this time, Bryant had the ability to study, obtain a scholarship – all while gaining determination to proceed with her singing career. Bryant eventually teamed up with the Lyve City production team and thereby created her music video.

Bryant explained that her music video is meant “to encourage everyone to go for whatever they believe in, no matter how many times others may put them down or try to get in their way. We won’t let them!”

She also notes that many bright, talented and intelligent youth that have so much to offer are being led astray, and are too shy to offer their abilities and talents due to bullying.

Bryant’s steely determination and passionate devotion are certainly going to lead her up music’s ladder of fame! This video is more than just entertaining due to her melodic voice, talent and obviously passionate claims against bullying, but is tuned into today’s popular music industry.

We can hope that this message gets across not only in North America, but Internationally too! Cheers to Gemini Wired for her steadfast determination to get the pertinent message across: stop the bullying!


Listen here:

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