Big Data :: ‘Dangerous’

Leave it to New York’s Big Data to take everything you simultaneously love and hate about technology and fit it into the most creative music video of recent memory – and make an electronic lover of you, to boot.

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That’s exactly what ‘Dangerous’ (featuring Joywave) is. Big Data, more formally known as Alan Wilkis, doesn’t even feature in the video, but that only adds to its mysterious familiarity.

The song itself is – in all its glory – a lazy one. Bored sounding vocals flow over a heavy bass line while buzzing electronica creates the strangely soothing background.

The lyrics, too, are soothing in their repetition: “How could you know, how could you know? / That those were my eyes / Peepin’ through the floor, it’s like they know”. The song continues on the idea that “they know” and “you know” and once it’s over, you’ll be a little paranoid, too.

The video, meanwhile, is a run-through of all the technology you’ve come to rely upon. There’s a version of Google, there’s texting, there’s a version of Wikipedia, there’s a version of YouTube… I mean, it’s just supposed to be a lyric video, but it’s perfect in every way.

Big Data also created a regular music video for the song. It’s not as great, in my opinion, but it’s still certainly worth a watch – or two. See it here.

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