Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness :: ‘Cecilia and the Satellite’

AndrewMcMahon-CeciliaSatelliteAndrew McMahon is not new to the music scene. But his latest effort – Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness – is new, and is set to release a new self-titled album this fall.

McMahon, who is formerly of Jack’s Mannequin, discussed his transition to wilderness, saying: “I suppose my wilderness is mostly an abstract one. Since putting Jack’s Mannequin behind me, I have forced myself into strange spaces seeking new stimulus. New lights on the path to the high of a finished song. I’ve met amazing people in the process; people who have propped this mission up, adding a palate of sound and perspective. This new name carries with it the spirit of that collaboration.”

That spirit is certainly working. ‘Cecilia and the Satellite’ opens with a simple intro. A warbly background turns the traditional tune into a unique track that grabs you and holds you from beginning to end.

AndrewMcMahonThudding, surging drums and a drawing piano form the backbone to the song while the echoey vocals take centre stage, before jumping into a full-blown sound, brimming with pianos and sly synth work and marching drums and wonderful harmonizing vocals.

This love song plays out before your ears, filled with wanderlust and wild abandon. Lyrics like, “The things I’ve learned from a broken mirror / How a face can change when a heart knows fear / For all the things my eyes has seen / The best by far is you”, compliment the whimsical tone.

In all, the song puts you at a warm ease, and easily draws a smile across your lips.

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