aBabe preview :: March 25

aBabe-RebeccaEverett-1The aBabe showcase at The Painted Lady on March 25 will feature four acts: Rebecca Everett and The Dead Ringers, The Dreadful Starlings, Reuben O’Dell-Barkow, and Jennifer Foster.

The highlight of the night looks to be Rebecca Everett and The Dead Ringers. The singer-songwriter is about to embark on a tour across select Eastern European cities, including Moscow and Wroclaw, Poland.

The tour is part of 7 Shades, a multimedia project that involves artists of various disciplines in music, film, photography and visual arts. It is also the name of an interpretive film and a self-produced record. The film involves a high caliber team of Bruce Dawson and Bruce McDonald as executive producer. It will, as described on her website, “be a nod to the dark moody No Wave cinema of the ’60s and ’70s rock n’ roll era.” The self-titled track off the record 7 Shades is a moody and raw blues rock track, with a hypnotic bass.

The Dreadful Starlings will be featuring music off their debut album, Murmurations. The tracks are hit and miss – in songs that are more rock ‘n’ roll, such as ‘The Regime’ and ‘An Entire World’, the latter not on their album, they really shine with tons of energy. However, some of their more pop-oriented, folk-rock songs, such as ‘If Only for Her’, and ‘The Worst of All’ tend to drag.


The last two acts are Reuben O’dell-Barkow and Jennifer Foster. The former has standout vocals with a rich, deep, gruffness to his voice and his music has that driving and gritty rock n’ roll energy reminiscent of ’70s classic rock.

Jennifer Foster, meanwhile, has shown quite the versatility from the catchy and cheerful ‘Ukulele Dropout’ released in January 2014, mixing the  self-titled instrument with hand claps and a awesome bass guitar solo. Foster brings the ukulele to some of the folk songs off the Songs from the Alien Basement, an album that mixes piano ballads with synth-rock with more straightforward three-chord rock. Each track reveals a varying layer in the singer-songwriters repertoire, never once sounding repetitive. Foster is the type of artist that sounds quintessentially like herself, a definite stand out in the Canadian music scene.

Check out all four acts tomorrow at 9 p.m. at The Painted Lady!

For more information on Rebecca Everett at www.rebeccaeverettandthedeadringers.com; for more on The Dreadful Starlings, visit www.thedreadfulstarlings.com; and for more on Jennifer Foster, visit music.jenniferlfo.com.

And, for future event listings and much more check out aBabe music at www.ababemusic.com.


Listen here:

‘Summertime’ by Reuben O’dell-Barkow


‘7 Shades’ by Rebecca Everett and The Dead Ringers

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