Young Galaxy :: ‘In Fire’

YoungGalaxy-InFireSo, I told you guys a few months back how awesome and summer-ready Young Galaxy’s fourth LP, Ultramarine was, and just when you thought summer was soon coming to a close, the Montreal-based dream-poppers have managed to release their fourth single, ‘In Fire’, just in time to salvage these last few summer weeks ahead.

Meshing well with the continuous theme of the album, ‘In Fire’ is a laid back tune with cool synths and light 808s, accented with McCandless’ swaying vocals. And while you may have heard the tune already from purchasing the full album after reading a certain someone’s winning album review, the single’s album comes complete with a sticky and sweet remix by Swedish sweetheart, Sally Shapiro. The synth-pop siren takes the chill flow of the track and turns it into an up-tempo ’80s-themed hot-mess – in the best possible way, of course.

YoungGalaxyBoth versions of ‘In Fire’ are solid enough to take you to two completely different places. Play the original during a chill summer evening, and the remix later that night during the not-so-chill pre-drinking session.

Young Galaxy’s ‘In Fire’ single and Ultramarine album are currently available on iTunes.

Check out their website for current updates and touring info!

Also check out Sally Shapiro!


Listen here:

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