Yancey Boys feat. Common and Dezi Paige :: ‘Quicksand’

YanceyBoys-QuicksandThere’s nothing new about Yancey Boys’ ‘Quicksand’. The artists on the song talk about their experiences ascending to their current careers. There are a couple of mentions of the late J Dilla. There’s a beat made by the late producer, making me wonder when he started making beats (I have the over/under at six.) But it’s a great beat that plays throughout the song – acoustic strings placed over a bass, and a snare giving the song a calm, nostalgic feel. The references are subtle and woven into the song. It’s a necessary part of the narrative, seeing as one of the rappers is Dilla’s little brother.

The lyrics, especially Common’s, are repetitive. If you’ve listened to a lot of Common’s catalogue, a lot of what he says seems to be recycled from songs made 15 years ago (here’s looking at you, Act Too). It’s an interesting song, even a song worth downloading and adding to your rotation of songs. You could even say it’s justified putting this song on Hip Hop DX’s “Slept on songs of the week” list. Just don’t call it a great hip-hop cut. There are some positives to the song as previously mentioned, but it feels just like another hip-hop song, albeit with a solid beat.

Nothing spectacular, nothing ground breaking. It is what it is: just another song.


Listen here:

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