TRUST-liveTRUST took two weeks after ending their European tour before setting the stage at Lee’s Palace, on their home turf in Toronto, to start upon their month-long North American tour.

Toronto natives DIANA opened for TRUST. After releasing two singles ‘Born Again’ and ‘Perpetual Surrender’, DIANA has created a lot of buzz on the scene. Unfortunately, the chatter of the crowd and the band’s symbols drowned out Carmen’s vocals. The red lighting did nothing to help the performance, making it less than memorable. While this show didn’t highlight their assets, the future looks promising as the band is expected to release their debut album this upcoming spring.

TRUST took to the stage amidst a sea of fog and a simple, but eye-blinding light show. Robert Alfons’ deep and estranged vocals were as captivating as his spastic dancing. The songs transitioned perfectly from audio to performance, the high volume demanded the audience’s attention and refused to give up. Maya Postepski’s drumbeats are even more heart-pounding live. The synth is mixed with expertise, and produced a refined and smooth sound, allowing the crowd to move freely along with the arresting bass. Alfons’ ability to lose himself in the music and dance without reserve was a treat to watch. While the recently released track, ‘Divine’, seemed to lose the crowd, it was no less impressive than the songs off of their 2012 debut album, TRST.

The duo ended the show with a four-song encore that included ‘Sulk’ and ‘Candywalls’. They will be returning to Toronto in June for the Ten Anniversary show for Arts & Crafts at the Fort York and Garrison Common.

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