TopangaToronto musicians, Topanga, gave an incredible performance at The Horseshoe Tavern on October 26, opening for The Pack A.D.

Sharing a name with childhood television character, Topanga from Boy Meets World, the band brings a very entertaining and child-like manner to the stage – in a good way. Their onstage energy is incomparable. Being at their shows really just feels like you are observing a band practice in their garage. The guys simply go on stage and have a good time being theres. They often involve the crowd as much as they can, and encourage their audience to sing along, clap along, and even drink along with them.

Seeing Topanga on their own would have been a very enjoyable experience, but the fact that they opened for the Pack A.D. makes the night even better. The two bands work very well together, sharing similar stage presences and fun attitudes.

As it is for most bands, the Horseshoe proved to be a great venue, amplifying Topanga’s performance. It’s hard to imagine the band performing in a venue any larger than the Horseshoe: Topanga’s music is loud, edgy, catchy, and in your face. The closer the audience, the better.

Their tour with The Pack A.D wrapped up on November 3. Topanga is currently working on their follow up album in Montreal that will (hopefully) be released early 2013.

Topanga’s EP, Never Try, is an excellent combination of jumpy songs with fun guitar riffs and catchy vocals, and I encourage everyone to purchase a copy.

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