Tokyo Police Club : Hollerado : Topanga

TokyoPoliceClubTokyo Police Club returned to the Sound Academy in Toronto in mid-December for their annual Christmas show, with special guests Hollerado and Topanga. Having not attended last year’s show, I can’t be entirely sure with this statement, but this year’s show was definitely better.

Packing the stage with Christmas decorations such as Christmas trees and fake presents, Tokyo Police Club played a setlist full of classic songs from their first album, A Lesson In Crime, to their newest album, Champ, carefully mixing an equal mix of songs from all albums. The sold-out crowd sang, jumped, and danced along as the band chanted the occasional Christmas carol in-between songs.

As always, the band engaged the audience whenever possible, taking time in-between songs to tell stories and jokes, holding the microphone out during songs for the audience to sing along, and even to make known how much they appreciated their fans.

The night would have still been a spectacular show if it were just Tokyo Police Club performing. However, Hollerado and Topanga were both added to the bill, making the concert one of the best and most entertain concerts I have ever been to. All three bands bring an insane amount of energy to their performances and all look like they are going on stage and just having fun. The use of song-synchronized confetti was also a very welcoming addition to the performances, and the Hollerado signature of many, many blow-up beach balls helped the fun atmosphere, as well.

The three bands work very well together and are all clearly good friends, joining each other on stage for select songs. They clearly all love what they do and will hopefully continue to perform for many years to come. I highly recommend for you to see all three bands in concert – you will not regret spending the money to see them.

Tokyo Police Club’s Champ is available now. Hollerado’s White Paint is set for release in February (their first album, Record in a Bag is available now). Topanga’s Never Try EP is also available now.

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