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TheStrokes-ComedownMachineThe Strokes are back with their fifth studio album, entitled Comedown Machine. Coming two years after their 2011 album Angles, this album could be the Strokes’ best work yet. The album is packed with catchy riffs, upbeat rhythms, high-pitched vocals, and many other qualities that made us first fall in love with The Strokes in the first place.

With this album, The Strokes have definitely gone back to their older sound, while advancing as a band. The result is a unique, yet familiar sound that can be listen to from start to end, on repeat.

The album starts off with a bang with the song ‘Tap Out’, which features a memorable and addictive plucking guitar riff that will be stuck in your head for days. The next two songs on the album are the already released singles ‘All the Time’ and ‘One Way Trigger’. The decision to place these two singles so near the beginning of the album just reinforces the fact that the album is so great; it feels like The Strokes almost getting the singles over with before advancing to better songs on the album.

Now, with that being said, it’s extremely hard to pick out certain songs that are better on the album. When talking about the album and asked what songs should be listened to before buying the album, the only appropriate response is “all of them” (and that’s not a song name).

As mentioned before, Comedown Machine is the type of album that can be, and should be, listened to from track one to track eleven. It’s refreshing to see that bands still make albums this way and it’s nice to know The Strokes fall under this category.

I normally don’t like comparing a band’s new album to a band’s old album, but for those of you who like this reference point and look forward to that part of a review, I will say that I enjoyed this album more than Is This It, which is saying a lot because I really loved that album.

Comedown Machine is available now and you need to add it to your music collection.

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