The Noble Thiefs at CMW

TheNobleThiefs-CMW“We’re The Noble Thiefs; we spell it wrong, so get it right!”

That’s what Noble Thiefs frontman, Myron Dean shouts out to the crowd at the Bovine Sex Club on the Thursday night of Canadian Music Week.

The crowd, meanwhile, erupts in cheers and applause. They go from a between-sets zero to 100 in no time at all, spending the entire Noble Thiefs set dancing – not a bad reaction from a crowd that seems to have more punk-lovers than anything else.

That just goes to prove how infectious the band is. They’ve got a fabulous sound, a throw-back to James Brown and the ’50s- and ’60s-era soul and motown. They are so charismatic on stage, with each member playing to the several cameras snapping away.

Dean’s vocals are like caramel – they’re smooth and sweet. Paired with Ian Lodewyks’ demanding bass, Joel Armstrong’s insane drum beats and Riley Hasting’s firey guitar, the band is a force to be reckoned with.

‘When You’re In Love’ features more of the band’s soul leanings. The vocals are buttery smooth, the guitar is full and the bass is uppity. The drums shove the track forward. Overall, the song, which the band released earlier this month as a teaser for their upcoming and highly-anticipated 7″, is scratchy, grainy, and beautiful.

The Noble Thiefs also make a point of drawing in other influences – hints of reggae, punk-ish undertones, bits of funk – modernizing the genre without bastardizing it.

The next song features hard-hitting drums, a hefty bass, a speedy guitar, and even speedier vocals. They’re so on-point, so precise – they hit every mark, dead on. Bull’s eye.

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