The Neighbourhood :: I Love You

TheNeighbourhood-ILoveYouThe wait is over! The highly-anticipated debut album from The Neighbourhood has arrived, and it is has redefined the beauty of monochrome.

The cinematic Californian indie band gained recent success from their breakout hit ‘Sweater Weather’, and came out as the unbeatable underdogs in this year’s Coachella lineup. Their new album I Love You continues the same noir-film vibe throughout each track, leaving a sense of repetitiveness with their sound. Although, to some, this may come off as boring, the album has a way of meshing into a clockwork of an eerie and shady resonance.

We are introduced to a new wave of sound, embodied by high-pitched electric guitar melting with the beautifully timed synths, and we can’t help but to love it. The lyrics are nothing but consistent with the sensual and sexy undertones, like the song ‘Flawless’: “You’re a doll, you are flawless / But I just can’t wait for love to destroy us” – The Neighbourhood leaves the listener overwhelmed and caught in a spider web of deception, love, and pain. Not to mention Jesse Rutherford’s contagious voice.

This debut album has solidified their talent and highlighted new shades of the incredible midnight surfers that are The Neighbourhood.

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