TessParks-WorkAllDay:UpAllNightShe is the real indie rock star in modern times: Brown long hair, slim long arms and legs, smokey voice, girlish, mature, but rock and roll. Her appearance reminds me of Patti Smith in her young age, or maybe Cat Power with long hair. There is something dignified in her style. I’m not writing to talk about her appearance, but her existence itself is really attractive. How she wears outfits, how she stands on the stage. . . I am not sure if it is a talent or her idea, but Tess Parks certainly has something to add on her music.

Tess Park is a singer who was born and raised in Toronto, an art school drop-out, an inquirer in the art world. She started writing music in her tenth year, and moved to London to look for a bigger stage at 17. After pursuing music and photography in London, at last, she came back to her hometown: Toronto.

In these days, it is really hard to define some of music’s genres. Her music is one of those difficult to defines. It is easy to say indie. But a word – indie or alternative – doesn’t describe everything. Her latest album WORK ALL DAY / UP ALL NIGHT is Tess’ first album since she came back to Toronto.

Her tracks are fragile and innocent, but strongly independent. The music itself is mellow, but it has core, which has not changed by anyone. I would say that this is a sound which is only made by people who knows who they are. And she knows who she is. As a member of the same generation, I just lose my words. Her world, her music, is settled, and unchangeable. It is outstanding.

She recently performed a show on June 3 at Parts and Labour in Toronto. Ringo Deathstarr and Breeze played there as well.

If you want something to be inspired, visit tessparks.bandcamp.com.

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  1. I saw her photographs at Oz Studio in April. Girl does it all.

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