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SpringBreakers-soundtrackThe official soundtrack for Spring Breakers is just as much a part of the movie as James Franco with cornrows is. Compiled of a mixture of hip hop and rap songs, and hypnotic pleasing melodies, the Spring Breakers soundtrack is one of the best. Ever.

Skrillex, an electronica and dubstep DJ, and Cliff Martinez, a former Chili Pepper, and the composer of many other films such as Drive and Contagion, scored the majority of the film. The tracks they produced are included on the soundtrack. These two working together could not have created a better outcome. Every song is melodic with ambient rhythmic echoes that completely match the tone of the film and enhance it incredibly, which is completely different than expected. The other Skrillex-y, dubstep song included is ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Spirits’. The rest are almost the opposite, in a very good way.

Other than the Skrillex and Cliff songs, the soundtrack features multiple songs from Waka Flocka Flame, Meek Mill, and Gucci Mane, who also has a part as a rival drug dealing in the film. The contrast between the soft, quiet tracks and the heavier hip hop tracks really creates a weird and unique atmosphere, which the movie also does so well.

If you’re still not convinced, there is a song on the soundtrack called ‘Hanging With the Dope Boys’ by a rapper from St. Petersburg, Florida, who the director, Harmony Korine, met before shooting. That rapper is a big part of the inspiration behind James Franco’s character in the film. In the film, James Franco raps this song to hundreds of drunk teenagers and that version is also included on the album. It’s a little bit annoying after a few minutes into the song, but it’s James Franco rapping, so it’s tolerable.

I know that soundtracks are made to tie in with the film and enhance it (obviously), but from the tone of the film and the tone of the soundtrack, it almost feels as though the soundtrack was created first and the film was then created around it. The film is basically a long rhythmic song and the soundtrack only further proves this.

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