Shad :: ‘Homie’

Shad-Homie-2Rolling over a simple boom-bap beat on ‘Homie,’ Shad lets his personality takeover the song: it’s clear just listening to him that he’s a loveable goof, with some definite talent.

It’s as if Dwight Howard decided to start rapping over a minimalist hip-hop beat, albeit without the aggravating petulance. The song starts with a bit of braggadocio from Shad: “Those who can, do, those who can’t gotta face facts / but I don’t talk about haters ‘til they hate that.” He then proceeds to combine a pointed criticism of airport security with a little humour: “Funny I’m that dude based mostly out of suitcase / Arguing with airports about toothpaste / I’m not quoting the Quran with a vest on / and who the hells ever made a bomb out of Crest armed / to the teeth (You owe me $5.99, dawg).”

This all occurs within the first several bars of his first verse. This willingness to instil light-hearted humour into his songs – whether it’s through individual lines about rapping about napping in ‘Yaa I Get It’, or in entire songs like ‘The Old Prince Still Lives At Home’ – is what makes Shad endearing as a rapper.

Shad-Homie-1It’s also what makes ‘Homie’ an enjoyable listen. This light-heartedness can have its drawbacks, however: Shad drops a bit of a clunker in his second verse, calling himself and guest rapper, Cadence Weapon, “MacBook Bros”, and shouting out to “T-dot com” (No love for his actual home city, London?)

However, Shad’s endearing presence, Cadence Weapon’s strident confidence, and Skratch Bastid’s throwback beat make ‘Homie’ an enjoyable, if somewhat brief, track.

Homie is definitely a track that makes Shad’s upcoming EP with Skratch Bastid, The Spring Up, a project worth looking forward too.

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