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SawiLieu-FluorescenceGood music is something that generates an unmistakable feeling (and is not senseless drawling and bickering driven by corporate funding), and Sawi Lieu’s album Fluorescence was successful is doing just that without actually using words – ascribing more credit to its craft. The album isn’t perfect, though it’s very well done.

First off on the track list is ‘Lifetime Imaging’ (yeah, you can already tell surreal paintings – not that there’s wrong with that) and it makes for great background music. The best kinds of tunes generate an atmosphere, though this is a mix of various beats that could be done by virtually anyone with a taste for tune and the proper program. That’s not to take away from what’s been done here – this man has some talent. This short musical start is a promise of what’s to come.

‘Absorpsi’ is what’s next and it’s as playful as it is experimental with its track tunings. Most of the album generates a techno vibe and it’s most prominent with this song. It’s utterly subjective and the initial emotion it generates is entirely up to the listener. This song is also more intense with its use of tracks.


Following is ‘I-ON’, which has the title of something that should be the most techno-based inspiration, but it incorporates more rock into an otherwise synthetic feel. At this point, the album can remind any listener who is familiar with Skinny Puppy of their work in a way. However, Skinny Puppy was more rough with its mixes and they at least add in original vocals alongside audio clips from older films and broadcasts. ‘Crystal Vibration’ manages to generate the sound that the title suggests. It reminds me of a planetarium soundtrack with its slower, sci-fi kinds of sounds.

The album becomes less consistent with ‘Rana’ as the track stops and starts with its music. It struck me as a mellowed-out extension of the previous song. This was a particularly sleepy song. ‘Resonansi’ is an even more tired addition to the soundtrack, but at least it is great for meditating to. Its beat is not very unique from the rest of the album. Finally, the album ends with ‘Fluorescence’ which was a cutesy way of ending the album. As well, it was very brief and cut off too abruptly.

This album is for the lover of synthetic sounding mixes. It wasn’t bad for the genre it was and I would recommend it for people who like music without vocals.


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