Saidah Baba Taliba

SaidahBabaTalibaYou may not know it, but you have heard Saidah Baba Taliba’s latest single. The music video for the song, called ‘Revolution’, was featured in this year’s Music Video Night, part of the REEL World Film Festival. Emerson caught up with Saidah before the show to talk about the message behind the song.


Raz Mataz Magazine (RMM): So what do you have featured in the festival?

Saidah Baba Taliba (SBT): I have a music video featured in the festival. It’s called ‘Revolution’. It has actually won a cinematography award. It’s the second video I did with this director, named Charles Wall, and the cinematographer, as well.


RMM: What did you have in mind when you wrote the song?

SBT: I was actually approached by a couple of guys that had started writing the song. They asked me to come and sing on it, and then we finished the song. I heard it and I thought this is really cool, this is totally up my alley, and they actually pitched the song for a car commercial.

It’s in the Chevrolet Volt commercial, which is, again, a very, very. . . It appeals to my activist side. It’s called ‘Revolution’; It’s an eco-friendly car, it’s a hybrid car, so I was really happy about having this [song] on [the commercial]. The song is calling for people to come together to really stand up for what they believe in. For whatever, even. If it’s just sometime to smile at you, stand up for that, you know what I mean? Something simple.


RMM: How does the music video relate to the song and the song’s message?

SBT: The way the music video was shot, was to try and represent people, people of experience, people of Toronto. It’s somewhat abstract, but you can see that there’s conflict going on, but when you actually take off the mask, or whatever you’re hiding behind, you’re all the same, yet different, yet really the same.


RMM: Do you do any activism outside of the content of your music?

SBT: I’m a huge supporter of food activism. I’m a vegan, but I’m not like, everyone has to be a vegan, no. My whole thing is, everybody needs food, and water, and everyone should be allowed to have good food and good water, and I say fuck food elitism, where only organics are in certain neighbourhoods, and not in others. . . That’s my thing that I’m passionate about. I’m passionate about having healthy people and giving people healthy choices. I live my activism.

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