Rich Kidd at NXNE

RichKidd-NXNEBefore Rich Kidd played a single song at the Wrongbar in Toronto for the North by Northeast festival, he had a question to ask the audience: “Some people say SXSW is better than NXNE – do you believe that?” The crowd responded with a resounding no, and that set the stage for the rest of the Canadian MC’s set.

What stood out during the performance from the Mississauga native was his showmanship. I didn’t feel as if the rapping was anything special, but how he handled himself on stage made Rich Kidd’s set entertaining and worthwhile.

He was dancing around like he was a drunk patron at a night club, leaning back, throwing his arms out, and just losing himself in his own music.

When performing his song ‘SYKE’, he pleaded for the crowd to ad-lib “Syke” after a count of three, thrusting his arms forward and his body towards the DJ at the sound of “Syke”. Even the DJ, in an attempt to engage the crowd in the song, jumped up from behind his booth, running to the front of the stage, and threw water onto the first few rows of the audience.

By the end of the set, Rich Kidd was asking for a towel to mop up the sweat drenched over his face, and his performance received a steady applause. If there’s one thing to love about Rich Kidd, it’s that the man fully gets behind his music. He knows how to entertain.

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