Queens of the Stone Age :: …Like Clockwork

QueensStoneAge-LikeClockworkAfter six long years, Queens of the Stone Age triumphantly return with …Like Clockwork, the best rock album in quite some time. Every song on the album is better than the last, and it’s filled with everything that first made us fall in love with Queens. This album needs to be listened to, and loudly.

…Like Clockwork tells a creepy story, and sets an even better mood. Most albums are supposed to be listened to from Track One until the end, but doing so with this album will provide an enriching experience. The tone of the album is accompanied with the creepy artwork (see photo): a strange, abnormal animation to the song ‘If I Had a Tail‘, and a short 15-minute animation featuring a few songs from the album.

This is my favourite rock album that I can remember since the amazing Foo Fighters’ 2011 release, Wasting Light. Both albums are exceptional and showcase each bands’ enormous talent. It’s only fitting that …Like Clockwork outdoes Wasting Light, since Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters drums on most of the songs on the album, making it even that much more enjoyable.

QueenStoneAge-LikeClockwork-2Speaking of features, this album is packed with amazingly talented musicians. Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys sings on ‘If I had a Tail’ (see video above), Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails sings and plays percussion on ‘Kolapsia‘, a song that begins soothing and trance-like, but quickly picks up, and Elton John, who sings on a track called ‘Fairweather Friends’, which is my favourite song of the album. There are, of course, many long-time Queens of the Stone Age collaborators and others on the record, but there are too many to list.

If that short list of guest artists wasn’t enough to sell you, then you’re crazy. As mentioned before, you need to listen to this album. Preferably at full volume so you hear every note played. It’s only July, and I predict this will be in the Top 5 best albums of the year.

Go buy it now. It’s available on iTunes or on the band’s website.

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