Pat LePoidevin premieres first single off new album

PatLepoidevin-newalbumsongEarlier this week, Pat LePoidevin released the first single off of his upcoming album, American Fiction.

The track, titled ‘Winter Park, CO’, embodies Pat’s soft and quirky vocals, and his folk-infused melodies.

The track list for the album – Pat’s fourth – is particularly interesting; each song is named for a city in the United States. Pat wrote the record over a winter spent on the East coast of Canada, and that influence is also apparent.

American Fiction is set to drop on August 27, but fans who can’t wait that long are in luck. Pat will be touring on the album throughout the summer, including stops throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Ontario.

For more on Pat LePoidevin, visit To listen to ‘Winter Park, CO’, visit Pat’s Soundcloud.

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