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OneDayLate-OneDayLateHere’s a band whose name can describe pretty much everything about them: One Day Late. One Day Late is a rock band from Edmonton, of which every member looks like they drink a smoothie of light bulbs and nails for breakfast.

Western Canada had become a bit of a niche region for hard rock bands after the grunge era died; these guys are just a little late to the party. I’m not going to be the one to tell them that because, like most humans, I value my life. The muscles won’t throw you off; these guys literally look how they sound: big and mean, a tough side with a soft side, too.

But I digress. One Day Late has recently released their first full-length, self-titled album which was recorded at The Warehouse in Vancouver. Which bring me to my next point, they sound quite similarly to the two most famous Canadian bands to ever record there: Nickelback and Theory of a Deadman. If that turns you off immediately, you can stop here. While I could continue with the Nickelback and TOADM comparisons, One Day Late (the album) was actually a heavy-hitting hard rock record.

All the elements are there: the heavy guitar played in a verse-chorus hard rock feel, the hard guitar solos, the heavy bass, the southern-style vocals, and a whole lot of attitude. In the song ‘Get to You’, for example, the vocals sound like TOADM’s Tyler Connolly with less edge. Overall, the track is a blast of pure hard rock.

The hit single, ‘Here I Stand’, meanwhile, sullenly climbs to the epic climax: the guitar solo. I have a strange relationship with guitar solos; the shredding and fast-pace of this solo doesn’t bring much to the imagination or sweep anyone off their feet.

There’s hope yet for One Day Late; they just need to find their niche, and escape the spell that tends to bind cookie-cutter rock bands from western Canada.

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