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OffTheRecord-2I recently went out with some friends to a local pub in Port Credit, Ont., to celebrate my birthday and to listen to a live band. We had no clue what band was performing that night, but we were crossing our fingers that we would enjoy them. 

My friends and I were hopeful when we saw five young men begin setting up their equipment on stage. They introduced themselves as Off The Record and when they began playing I was immediately sold – these guys were amazing!

It’s not very often that I am impressed by a cover band; I have heard some great ones and some not-so-great ones. But, these guys were great; they played an array of music that got the crowd pumped! They played everything from Neil Young, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and ZZ Top, to the sing-along ballads of Tom Petty, The Sheepdogs, The Black Keys, and The Beatles (to name a few).

The band won the Best Bar Band Award at the 2012 Niagara Music Awards and I can definitely see why. The band consists of Steve Brisbois (lead vocals/guitar/harmonica), Grant Freifeld (bass guitar) David Joshua Phillip Jones (guitar/back up vocals) Patrick Kelly (drums) and Joshua Coulter (Lead vocals/guitar). These guys have a real stage presence; each member compliments one another, and the vibe they give off is infectious.

They kept the audience engaged throughout each set, taking requests along the way. I recommend checking this band out – visit their website to find out where they are performing next!

I caught up with the band on one of their breaks to ask them a few questions.


OffTheRecord-1Raz Mataz Magazine (RMM) : How did you guys start your band?

David: We’re all from Grimsby, Ont., and myself, Josh, and Patrick were in band together, and Grant and Steve were in a band together. Both bands played basically the same kind of music in the same bars, in the same towns, and eventually band politics happened, some bands fell apart, people moved away and so our bands were left with a few members each. We decided to put the two bands together, that’s why we ended up having three guitar players in one band.

[Everyone laughs]


RMM: Do you guys ever play original songs, or stick to covers?

Steve: We’ve all dabbled here and there, but with this band we have now, we stick to covers. We like playing the songs people wanna hear.


RMM: What is your favourite song or artist that you like to play/cover?

Steve: There are so many, that’s why we play so many different songs.

David: We love the classics, but there isn’t one song that we don’t enjoy playing.


RMM: If you could play or collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would that be?

Grant: Frank Sinatra.

Steve: Black Sabbath.

Joshua: Deep Purple.

David: The Mad Caddies.


Check out our YouTube channel to see videos of Off The Record covering ‘Last Dance with Mary Jane‘ by Tom Petty, and ‘Ohio‘ by Crosby Stills Nash and Young.

And for more on Off The Record, visit their website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page.

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