Neil Strauss :: Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead

EveryoneLovesYou-bookEveryone Loves You When You’re Dead is not only a true statement (it worked for Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, and many, many more. . . maybe not so much for Hitler), but is also a new book from Rolling Stone journalist and The New York Times writer, Neil Strauss.

His book is compiled of pieces of interviews (never used for publication until now) that flash in and out. The interesting moments, the awkward moments, and the dangerous ones! You get the inside scoop and witness brain-dead rock stars trying to formulate anything resembling a sober sentence, to getting out of bed to reach the toilet in time. Some get arrested for assaulting a security guard, others borrow money (for things like drugs or pastries) and never pay it back. The stories go on and on, and it literally is impossible to put this book down . . . all musicians’ worst fears of being “outed” on their real personalities are what these pages are filled with.

The book opens with Julian Casablancas of The Strokes, sitting in a bar in the ripe clothes that he’s had on for days, drunk and being a jerk. That goes on for a minute. But then Strauss is hanging out with Snoop Dogg. Snoop drags him out to shop for diapers and barbecue sauce. Though Snoop arguably suffers from a fairly serious marijuana problem, he seems like a nice guy. So does Kenny G, who doesn’t do drugs, just the occasion beer.

Strauss has broken the 200 or so interviews into section bits that are broken into categories like ‘Cannibalism is the answer’ and ‘Take your drug dealer to work day’. The same interchange between him and any given celebrity may fade in and out several times during a section as well as into parts. For instance, Snopp Dogg is featured in three different parts throughout the book.

It can be hysterical, it can be sad or just weird, but most of all I found many artists to be completely depressed while at the same time still boasting self-importance. For instance, Soul Asylum’s Dave Pirner is just a mess, a perfect example of my prior sentence!

Scenes in a basement with speculative musician Patrick Miller while he smokes crack. Chris Rock talks about how he almost became a crack dealer. Bono being honest, though he still seeming like a douche-bag.

Though seemingly random, the interviews are easy to read together and, in my opinion, a book that can’t be put down until fully finished (I have to admit, I skipped a few artists I absolutely did not care for or for what they had to say. . . just a few).

The question that remains is whether to read the book front to back, or back to front. . . in sections or in parts? Or take it to the bathroom for random nuggets of knowledge.


P.S.: Note to self, never lend Courtney Love money!!


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