Mac DeMarco at CMW

MacDeMarco-CMWI think it’s safe to say that we’ve all had enough of winter. We want to replace our scarves with sunglasses, and our hot toddies with spiked lemonade (or whatever kind of summery alcoholic beverage you’re into). With these end-of-winter, beginning-of-spring blues pulling down my spirits, it was refreshing to see Mac DeMarco in town during Canadian Music Week, bringing his beachey tunes along with him.

DeMarco’s set at Sneaky Dee’s showcased a more aggressive aspect to the otherwise laid-back tunes. A mosh pit broke out, both the audience and the band smoked cigarettes (prompting one of DeMarco’s crew to be escorted off stage by security), and some joints were passed around amongst the crowd.

DeMarco’s robotic way of addressing the crowd is interesting and his sincerity endearing. When an artist breaks the conventions of a performance, they hold the audience in the palm of their hand, which DeMarco and crew clearly did. There were numerous crowd surfers, and the audience was captivated by their claiming just about everything to be “sexy”, as well as making a quip about everyone going to jail. DeMarco and crew tweak the conventions of a live musical performance in the best way possible, making for a highly memorable show.

DeMarco ended his set by serenading, making out, and then crowd surfing with his girlfriend while playing ‘Together’, successfully making voyeurs out of all of us.

Highlight? This joke: “Why did Princess Diana cross the road? Because she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.”

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