JP Saxe

JPSaxe-2JP Saxe’s voice has a way of drawing you in and embracing you; I am literally left in a trance after hearing one of his songs. He just released his first EP, Acoustic, which is wonderfully personal and effortless record. A name to watch out for this year, Saxe’s talent is undeniable and definitely playlist worthy!

I sat for an interview with Saxe, and talked to the 20-year-old Toronto-native about his start in music, his musical influences, and what we can expect next.


Raz Mataz Magazine (RMM): How and when did you get started in the music industry?
JP Saxe (JP): Music, since before I can remember; the music industry, just recently. I think if you love making music enough, the “industry” just comes in around it when you have something worth sharing.


RMM: Who are your musical influences?

JP: Allen Stone is my favourite singer of right now. He just boggles my mind. Lauryn Hill is also one of my favourites, although it is likely presumptuous to suggest she’s influenced me at all. Her record, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, and Paul Simon’s Graceland are my most listened to.


RMM: Do you write your own music? What inspires you?

JP: I do write my own music. People inspire me. I know that’s vague, but every song I’ve ever written came from a person or people who meant something to me. Last year, I spent three months living in Kenya, and the kids there had a major affect on my music, and about everything else.

RMM: Is there an upcoming album in the works?

JP: Yes! I am in L.A. right now, working on a record. My acoustic EP ( was released on March 21 this year.


RMM: As a Torontonian, do you find that musicians originating from Canada get overlooked in other countries?

JP: Not at all. . . Canadians are rocking the music world right now.


RMM: If you could perform or collaborate with any musician in the world right now, who would that be?

JP: Lauryn Hill.


RMM: Do you have any advice for an up-and-coming artist trying to make it in the music industry?

JP: I think I probably qualify for that description. If I were to think of a common element in any of the good things that have happened in my career so far, I would say that none of them were in-line with my expectations. And that I’ve been able to pursue and embrace amazing opportunities because I allowed things to happen that were almost never how I thought things were supposed to happen.

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