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JackJohnson-FromHereToNowToYouJack Johnson has become an iconic figure in the music industry, known for his beachy vibes and happy-go-lucky tunes. An active musician since 1999, From Here To Now To You is his sixth studio album. Having loved Johnson since I first heard his album In Between Dreams, I had high expectations for this album.

Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed.

After listening to his album for the first time, I went back and listened to all of his albums chronologically. What surprised me in listening to his music then and now, is that his voice has actually improved. While Johnson has never explored a huge vocal range, he definitely takes more risks on this album in terms of melodies. His voice loses the nasal tone which is present in his earlier albums, and explores a higher range.

JackJohnsonAs with his previous records, the content is not dark or gloomy. It explores the beauty of being in love, of a relationship, and the happiness that comes from that – surprisingly something not a lot of musicians do. It’s nice to listen to an album that, instead of pulling you back into the memory of past heartbreaks and failures, makes you focus on the here and now. One of my favourite songs on the album is ‘Washing Dishes’ and it’s a perfect example of how Johnson captures the mundane moments of life in a beautiful way.

While the album may not be a groundbreaking musical achievement, it’s simplicity and honesty is what makes it a winner. Johnson has matured in his 15 years as a musician, but in those 15 years, he has never been swept away by the “biz”. From Here To Now To You doesn’t take you away from your life, rather it says: “Hey, look. You don’t need to be anyplace but where you’re at right now.” Dreaming of better days can only get you so far. Johnson has given us an album that pours hope into our daily lives, and that is truly an exceptional thing to portray.


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