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InletSound-TheRomanticsFrom the second I pressed the play button to the opening track on Inlet Sound’s new album, The Romantics, I knew I was going to be in for a treat. Up until about a month ago, I had never heard of the Canadian indie band before.

The album’s cover art is what drew me in. . . it’s beautiful and embodies everything that is Canada, with its great blue sky, lush landscape and boats flowing down a river. The folk-rock band consists of Michael Wexler (vocals/guitar), Sean Hardy (Keys), Steven Gore (mandolin/violin), Curtis Murphy (bass), and Kate MacLean (drums).

This album was two years in the making, proving how much time and effort went into making it just right. The band recorded the album in churches and cabins across Canada, and it was produced by Canadian acclaimed producer, Laurence Currie.

I was immediately affected by this album; the opener, ‘Romantics I’, is truly stunning in its musicianship. The song builds into this lush body of instruments and vocals, making this song one of my favourites on the album.

‘Magnetic North’ starts off strong and is very relatable, with some very meaningful lyrics. ‘Canadian National’ is one of the more thought-provoking songs on the album but still has the same joyful flair as the rest of the tracks.

InletSound‘Mail-Order’ is a very slow and mellow song; the vocals on this track are calm, unrushed and simply beautiful. The sound of the violin floats through the song, making this track a truly beautiful piece of music. The lyrics are simple, yet evoke a great deal of emotion.

‘Sing Me To Sleep’, ‘Amber Skies’, ‘Saturday’ and ‘The Romantics II’ are slow songs with just as much beauty as the rest of the album, but seem to be my least favourite. The second-last song is catchy, expressing the anxieties of getting older, yet filling you with hope for the future. ‘Mademoiselle’ ends the album off on a high note; this song is goofy with funny lyrics like “In the evening / Her breath just smells like gravy, / In the morning / Congestion in her heart”.  It seems like a funny light-hearted song, but if you really listen to the lyrics, they have a deeper meaning.

You can really tell how much time and effort went into each one of the songs on this album. Their sound is authentic, with lyrics drawn from personal experience. It’s artist like Inlet Sound that make me truly proud to say I am Canadian.

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