Indicator Indicator at Indie Week 2013

IndicatorIndicator-1I was standing in line for my Indie Week pass when Indicator Indicator took the stage at the Hideout on Wednesday night. All the media and music lovers stood still for a moment, listening intently. Then the space cleared out, everyone rushing to see what band this music was coming from.

The Winnipeg-based trio play a wonderful mix of electro-rock, though their live show relies heavier on the rock side than their recorded material would suggest. Still, on stage, they are entertaining and fun to watch.

Clicking drums, a solid guitar and distorted, yet poppy vocals mix to form a great composition. The band’s rock and electro aspects meld together perfectly – one does not overpower the other, instead complimenting each other perfectly.

‘Love is not Enough’, off of their latest EP, is a perfect example of this balance. Recorded, the synth parts are prominent, transforming the track into a wonderfully dancey, electropop-ish tune. On stage, however, the song lends itself a more relaxed vibe. That wonderful synth still finds its way through, but it’s more mellow, almost folksy, and inspires a lot of sing-alonging.

Indicator Indicator are currently on tour; visit their website to find out where you can see them live!

And be sure to check out our Facebook photo gallery from their performance!

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  1. Yeah, I was there too. Loved it. Different. Would definitively see them again.

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