Hollerado-liveDebuting their new album, White Paint, Hollerado played for a small sold-out crowd of 200 people at the Rivoli in Toronto on February 26. The band showcased a couple of their new songs from the album and they could not sound better. The band seems a lot more excited to be playing a handful of new songs, since they have not released a new album in almost four years.

The songs on the album are a lot more personal, and the lead singer Menno Versteeg makes this clear by taking time before playing a few of the songs to give a backstory on the inspiration and how they came up with the song. It’s very interesting to learn how the songs were created, and it only enhances the experience while listening to them.

One thing that I didn’t like about the show, however, was that although the audience was singing along to almost every song, including the new ones, they weren’t jumping around and interacting with the random shots of confetti, like what happens at all the other Hollerado shows I’ve attended. It may have been because the show seemed like it was more friends and family, but it still would have been nice to see. Either way, the show was fantastic and it was definitely one of the best performances, music-wise, that the band has ever put on, that I have seen.

Hollerado will hopefully add tour dates supporting this album, and they are a must-see live.

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