Hellogoodbye :: Everything Is Debatable

Hellogoodbye-EverythingIsDebatableThe name is familiar, right? For those of you who aren’t avid followers of the band may recognize their name along with their horrendously cheesy song, ‘Here In Your Arms’. That synth-pop, lovey-dovey, enormous hit marked their fate in the industry – or did it? For those of you who crank them up on your iPods, and rock out with them at their shows would know that this is Hellogoodbye’s third studio album.

If you compare their last hit with the first track on their new album, Everything is Debatable (it’s called ‘…and Everything Becomes a Blur’), you wouldn’t notice that this is the same band. Hellogoodbye has slowly stripped themselves of the pop rock, the computerized voices, and the synthesized back-up instrumentals, and have joined the indie crew.

But, in doing so, they may have lost their originality. This album sounds very similar to one produced by bands such as Passion Pit and Walk the Moon, which doesn’t give Hellogoodbye much advantage, but there is one thing they all have in common – their songs are catchy as hell!

HellogoodbyeEverything is Debatable is sure to attract new fans. The album is well-done, each song is likeable, and lead singer Forrest Kilne threw away all electronic help to sound wonderful on the album. Don’t get me wrong; the band has still peppered their old electronic elements, but it all complements each other in a well-thought-out blend. The album has a nice, preppy summertime feel to it that anyone in a bad mood could jam along to.

Listeners can definitely sense the progress with the band, and Everything is Debatable is a good pleaser teaser for what’s about to happen next. Fan favourites on the album include the tracks, ‘Just Don’t Let Go Just Don’t’ and ‘(Everything Is) Debatable’.

‘I Don’t Worry (As Much As I Should)’, the last track on the record, is a personal favourite because it showcases just how much the band has evolved. In fact, all of the named tracks are very good indicators of just how much Hellogoodbye has changed. This album should be leaving new and old fans cautiously optimistic for more, but as of now it seems as though Hellogoodbye isn’t leaving us yet.

For more on Hellogoodbye, visit hellogoodbye.net.

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