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ErinHunt-TheWomanIAmThere’s a lot of beauty in the indie art world, especially when artists are on the brink of breaking out. Such beauty can be seen in Erin Hunt’s budding career. Already her most popular song, ‘The Woman I Am’, can be heard on TV, like in the hit show Degrassi. This is but a taste of something much larger.

I began listening to a few of Erin’s songs after hearing her landmark track at the supermarket. Supporting indie art is making an investment of time which – if it works out for the artist – you can hear in the mainstream world. They’ll produce more of their brand. So I gave Hunt’s album, The Woman I Am, a listen and I was not disappointed. As far as music style goes, her album was consistent without making each song a carbon copy of the other. Each song tells a story, and The Woman I Am tells a story of just that: the woman that Erin Hunt is. This is a woman who is so serious about her art that she actually sold her condo to produce her first album. I gotta say, I like the woman she is, and I wish her the best in this business.

The first song, ‘Everybody’ is an upbeat psychedelic harmony that throws the album’s doors open to all listeners. It is a great start to the album with a feel-good rhythm and I’m surprised it hasn’t received as much attention as songs like ‘My Friends’ and ‘Ain’t Nobody’. What also struck me about the song was how enticing the lyrics were. The album did not start with a sappy this-is-my-life sort of message to it, but rather her story starts with everybody. With proper tune and prose, this song is easily my second favourite next to – you guessed it – ‘The Woman I Am’.

Speaking of that song, it’s next on the track list to further draw in the crowds. ‘The Woman I Am’ is the song that brings people to learn about and appreciate Erin Hunt in the first place. It’s no surprise why: the rhythm is just as strong as the preceding song but the message is so much more inspiring.

ErinHunt-1Before the album slows down, we’re treated to one last upbeat song, and it’s definitely one of the better tracks. The style of the music isn’t what I would usually listen to, but it’s songs like ‘My Friends’ that makes it clear why this type of loungey, psychedelic music has fans in the first place. It’s also another chapter in the artist’s life and lends some clues to her inspiration.

The first half of the album was stronger than the concluding half, and its noticeable in its decline as the songs become slower and more seemingly routine. This is where the album slows down with the songs ‘Ain’t Nobody’ and ‘Thankful’. Most of the lounge feeling that this album gives off comes from songs like these (though I just might be associating that with a sort of sleepiness that I feel when listening to these songs). They aren’t fast or attention-grabbing enough to be at the same calibre as ‘Everybody’ and ‘The Woman I Am’.

Then we get the collaboration song that many albums today have. Rapper Shane Free joins with Erin Hunt in the song ‘Music to Me’. The styles of the two different artists clash with each other and the track feels more like a playful battle of the styles than a collaborative project. It does deserve the credit for being different from the other songs on the album, mostly because of Shane Free’s contribution.

The last three tracks – ‘If I Could Go Back’, ‘If You Believe’, and ‘The Weight’ – are amongst the slowest and most forgettable tracks. It’s also when the songs start to sound eerily the same, as though being too consistent with the theme. The album had a strong start, which grew more tired as it progressed. Fortunately, the tracks at the beginning and the hit ‘The Woman I Am’ are strong enough to support this artist’s career. All in all, despite Erin Hunt’s The Woman I Am not being my taste, it still manages to speak to me as good music.

Keep on trucking, Erin Hunt!

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