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DjangoUnchained-soundtrackQuentin Tarantino films have always been over-the-top violent, action-packed, and incredibly entertaining. His soundtracks always capture these feelings and amplify the overall tone of the films. They are always insanely diverse and feature many surprises. The official Django Unchained soundtrack is no exception.

Like all the other soundtracks from past Tarantino films, the album features voice clips from the movie to give it a sense of time and story. The soundtrack sets up most of the songs with a clip from the movie where the song takes place. This is a technique that has been used in the past with soundtracks and it’s an effective way to essentially follow the movie with music.

The film is a western set in the deep South. Oddly enough, the soundtrack is mostly hip-hop and rap songs. The contrast is beautiful to listen to and even better to see on screen. I can’t imagine any other type of music that would surprisingly fit so well.

Big-name artists such as RZA and Rick Ross are even on the soundtrack. They both have original songs, which makes their features even more enjoyable. But probably the best and most unexpected song on the album is a James Brown and Tupac mash-up called ‘Unchained’, which is a mash-up of ‘The Payback’ and ‘Untouchable’. The song is easily the most memorable from the album and could be regarded as the theme song for the film (other than the track ‘Django’, of course).

Although most people don’t actually purchase a film’s soundtrack, this is definitely one that should be purchased. It only enhances the film and acts as a fix when the movie isn’t easily accessible.

Despite all the controversy surround this film, one thing is for sure: Tarantino sure knows how to make a killer soundtrack.

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