CHVRCHES played at the Mod Club during Canadian Music Week.

Night Two at Canadian Music Week in Toronto saw DIANA and CHVRCHES perform at the Mod Club, each heading North from their time spent at SXSW.

Returning slightly less than a month after their last show at Lee’s Palace with TRUST, DIANA performed a serene set. At times the private conversations amongst the crowd once again overshadowed Carmen’s vocals – a shame since, when heard, they filled the venue beautifully.

I am beginning to get the impression that DIANA’s music is better left listened to at home, as opposed to taking in a performance. It’s sensual and dreamy and sounds great in my headphones, but they seem to be missing an element to their live show. I’m looking forward to the day when I leave a venue feeling confident that they performed their best. Until then, I’ll be listening to them through my headphones, patiently awaiting the release of an EP or LP.

Headlining the night was CHVRCHES, an electro-pop trio from Glasgow. Their album is set to drop this coming fall, and an EP will be coming out sometime next week. Distorted Prince-like vocals opened the set, which was filled with a heavy bass and an impressive light show.

Frontwoman Lauren Mayberry’s soprano vocals are penetrating and mesmerizing and manage to overshadow the fact that she doesn’t move nearly as much as Iain Cook and Martin Doherty, both manning separate synthesizers, who never seemed to stop pulsing to the beat.

Unfortunately, Doherty’s effort on vocals missed the mark, but overall the show was engaging; CHVRCHES is definitely a band to keep an eye on.

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