Capital Cities :: In a Tidal Wave of Mystery

CapitalCities-InATidalWaveOfMysteryThe title of the latest Capital Cities album perfectly suits the record – that mystery and curiosity is what brought me to listen to In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery. The dynamic duo is no stranger to the Toronto crowd as they performed at our very own Yonge-Dundas Square this past summer. Capital Cities are climbing the charts with their smash hit ‘Safe And Sound’ – which currently sits at No. 12 on the Billboard Top 100. The members of the band met in a very strange way; through a Craigslist post. Ryan Merchant put up an ad searching for someone who enjoyed music as much as himself; a posting that Sebu Simonian, who assisted with production, responded to. The chemistry between the two was automatic as they began writing jingles for advertisements in L.A. Three years later and the Capital Cities have released an awesome record.

The sound that the Capital Cities have kept consistent throughout the album is very similar to the sound of their hit song ‘Safe and Sound’. The very first thing I noticed about the album was the fact that there is not one slow song on the album – which I feel is a great. I couldn’t imagine what a slow song would sound like or where it would even fit on this record.

The album takes off with ‘Safe and Sound’. The chart-topping song captures the attention with the dynamic sounds and the harmonic way that the voices of Ryan and Sebu clash into one another. Despite the lack of musical variety on this album, it really is a great dance record.

CapitalCitiesOne of my personal favourite songs on the album is ‘Farrah Fawcett Hair’, a song that uses the well-known blowout as a metaphor to describe something good or appealing (pretty cleaver, eh?). The song features OutKast frontman André 3000, which definitely adds some much-needed variety to the album as a whole. Another thing that I found fascinating was the ending of the song: voices of people giving their own interpretations on good things. For instance, one of the voices describes the feeling of being calm underwater to be a good thing.

The various elements of sound that are used throughout the album never fail amaze me; and that is coming from a guy who has played the album a thousand times. I will admit that some of the lyrics are not the greatest; however, the album still proves to be a pretty good electro-pop piece. It is extremely electronic, which normally would defer me from listening any further, but I found that the different tones heard on the album had me in a trance. I would highly recommend this album for anyone looking for songs that they could play at their next party; I promise that the album will have guests on their feet for the entire 43 minutes!

The album gives off a very relaxed and cool feeling to listeners – it is not one of the best albums that I have heard this year, but it is perfect in its own way. I found that some songs reminded me of my Grade 9 year when I was obsessed with Far East Movement’s Free Wired; the lyrics may not have been the best, but it did not fail to get me on my feet. That’s for sure!

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