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Blink182-DogsEatingDogsBlink-182’s five-song EP is a small, yet worthwhile taste of the future of Blink, and a glimpse at just how much the band has grown in the past couple years, even from their 2011 release Neighborhoods. The Dogs Eating Dogs EP was independently released in December by Blink-182, who recently split with their label and are now independent musicians.

Dogs Eating Dogs pleases long-time fans, as well as brings in new fans, with a progressively new, but reassuringly similar sound. The EP should give tremendous hope to those fans that were disappointed with Blink’s latest studio album, as the songs on this EP sound as though they should have followed Blink’s self-titled 2003 album, or could have even been apart of it.

The title track off of Dogs Eating Dogs sounds vaguely similar to ‘Go’ off of the self-titled album. Both tracks feature bassist Mark Hoppus providing repetitive shouting vocals over the chorus. It is nice to see Blink trying to recreate their older sound while also continuing to advance. This is only one example of the similarities, but all five songs on the EP closely resemble the self-titled, in a good way.

I think most listeners, including myself, will like this album a lot more than Neighborhoods. Now, this is not to say that Neighborhoods was a bad album, in fact, it has a couple of my favourite Blink songs on it. But, it was just not as incredible as expected, especially after being the first album released in almost ten years. However, with the addition of this EP, I am confident that the newest Blink album will be one of their best, ever.

Speaking of Travis Barker, his drumming on this album could not be better. His insane fills on the title track, ‘Dogs Eating Dogs’, are incomparable, and even the basic verse beats on the other tracks sound very difficult to replicate. With this album, Travis continues to distinguish himself as one of the best drummers in music today.

Tom Delonge’s voice on this album is the best that it has ever been. He has transformed incredibly, even from Neighborhoods. It’s even hard to go back and listen to really old Blink albums, such as Cheshire Cat, without wishing he sounded like he does now, back then.

The only downside with the EP, for me, was that in the song ‘Pretty Little Girl’, Yelawolf (the rapper) has a verse that seems awkwardly placed in the song. Travis and Yelawolf collaborated on a few songs, which is obviously why he is featured in this EP, but I wish he wasn’t. The rest of the song is still very good and it doesn’t take away from the EP as a whole.

Dogs Eating Dogs is available on iTunes and is very highly recommend for fans of Blink-182, especially those who lost some faith after Neighborhoods. I can’t wait for what the future of Blink holds, and hopefully we will get a full-length album soon.

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