Billy Doze :: ‘Love Rats’

BillyDoze-'LoveRats'Within the first few seconds of hitting play on Britain’s Billy Doze’s new single ‘Love Rats’, I’m already tapping my fingers. The track has everything we love about Brit rock – the deep bass, the pounding keys, the reverbing guitars. . . Moreover, the single incorporates a rattling tambourine into the full thud of the drumlines.

Doze’s vocals are wistful and dreamy, perfectly contrasting the fast-paced music. He masterfully mashes self-depricating lyrics that border Morrissey-esque longing. He sings: “I woke up in paradise / And still the rain was pouring / Today I met my hero / He was boring.”

But it’s the steadying march of the drums and the wild and jumping guitars that keep you dancing, preventing ‘Love Rats’ from being anything even resembling a downer track.

BillyDozeDoze also released the B-side to the single, ‘English Rain’. The track is a tad slower than ‘Love Rats’, and more prominently features acoustic guitar. Doze’s vocals on the track are also softer, though confident. The drums gently guide the song, keeping it at a steady pace, while the acoustic guitar flows subtly along.

‘Love Rats’, and the ‘English Rain’ B-side will be available on iTunes on July 28.

For more on Billy Doze, find him on Facebook and Twitter. And be sure to watch his music video for ‘Love Rats‘.


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