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ArizonaLily-OffTheFloorArizona Lily is best described as alternative rock with a psychedelic twist. The Toronto-based band is made up of Rhonda Murdoch (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Jessica Dzupina-Ward (vocals/bass), Mike (lead guitar) and Luis, aka Dirtymex (drums). The band’s style/sound is often compared to Jefferson Airplane and Florence & The Machine. With influences as wide-ranging as Heart, Radiohead, Kate Bush, Siouxsie, and Led Zeppelin, this band loves music of all genres and eras, and that’s clearly expressed in their song arrangements.

Their most recent album, Off The Floor, has left a lasting impression on me. The first track on the album, ‘Jump’, gives listeners a good idea of what they can expect from the rest of the album. The vocal harmonies on this song are top notch and the vocals are even better. Lead singer, Murdoch’s voice is unreal: she sounds as if she should be a veteran singer of someone twice her age. And Ward completely rocks with her bass playing in this song.

ArizonaLily-1‘Suicide Songs’ is very psychedelic. The instrumentation on this track is memorizing. There is a pronounced ’90s-rock feel to ‘Babylon’, and ‘Boy’ has an ever-changing melody that entrances its audience. ‘Foolish Me’ has a lot of experimentation with the background instrumentation.

All of the tracks on this album seem to flow into each other perfectly, making it very enjoyable to listen to. I think this band is going to be very successful and should be one to watch out for.

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