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ArcticMonkeys-AMThe Arctic Monkeys are back! But this time they are swaggering in with their leather jackets and cigarettes hanging from the corner of their mouths. Their new album AM creates an atmosphere that will bring out the inner smooth criminal in any listener.

The album is extremely well done, with every song outdoing the last. The Arctic Monkeys have taken a step above their previous work and created an unimaginably pleasant experience. AM is, simply put, a journey through the fog at night – and you just can’t help feeling like a total badass.

‘Do I Wanna Know’ is probably their most noted track on the album. The opening guitar rift with the grungy drum beats make one almost giddy and anxious for more. This thirst is developed very early in the album.

The vocals produced by the oh-so British Alex Turner are smooth and sexy, and he knows exactly how to capture you. Turner has developed unbelievably over the years, and AM showcases the little tricks that he’s come by.

Style: "Late 70's"Songs such as ‘Arabella’ and ‘No.1 Party Anthem’ are fresh in terms of the band’s style, but still stick to the Monkeys’ generalities. The lyrics are intensely raw, usually portraying the sultry, secret life to young love.

Each member truly pours their emotion, the entire album showed forceful, clever, almost teasing instrumentals that are blanketed by the bad boy vocals of Alex Turner himself.

The last song ‘I Wanna Be Yours’ came as the most surprising, and one deserving of the most praise. “Secrets I have held in my heart / Are harder to hide than I thought / Maybe I just wanna be yours” Turner takes to a softer approach with this single and, in turn, the Arctic Monkeys decided to end their AM album journey with a song that is tender, sensitive and absolutely beautiful. The perfect time for a sunrise after a long night in the city.

Overall, the band has created an album that can perfectly well be described as a drug – a drug that completely absorbs you until it is all you can think about. The Arctic Monkeys have soared to higher levels with this amazing album, which very well may be a new addiction.

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