Ania Soul


Ania Soul playing CMW 2012 in Toronto.

I enjoy soulful music; it’s not my first choice of music to listen to, but when I do, I am reminded of how beautiful and inspiring it truly is.

Ania Soul is just that: soulful. She is a versatile new artist from Toronto and her tone is raspy, rich and sooting, all at once. If you are a fan of soul, then Ania won’t disappoint you.

Each song I have had the chance to listen to, so far, has been a story from her life, straight from the heart. Her lyrics are very passionate and meaningful; one can really tell how much heart and soul Ania puts into writing/singing her music.

The majority of her music seems slow and sad, but if you take a good listen, you will find a lot of uplifting and inspiring lyrics within them. Her track, called ‘Eagle’, is a more alternative soul song. It starts off slow but builds to a surprising electric guitar rift at the end.


One of her latest tracks, called ‘Over You’, might be one of my favourites. This song starts off with a surprising little drum spatter and scratching that is injected throughout the song. This track is catchy and empowering for anyone trying to get over a break-up.

“Over You is a love song,” Ania says. “Don’t be fooled. In celebration of having the courage to move on – to experience a higher love. Your capacity to love just gets bigger the more you make tough decisions that need to be made.

“When you let go, you have more room to receive what you need. . . What’s right for you.”

The music Video for ‘Over You‘ was recently released on her YouTube channel, so make sure you check it out!

For more on Ania Soul, visit, and listen to some of her music below!


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