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AlunaGeorge-BodyMusicAlunaGeorge’s can be described as an almost immaculate sound with tiny yet cooperative imperfections. And while the most difficult task as a pop artist is to make the cheesy, bubble-gum failure of a genre sound fresh and raw, AlunaGeorge’s debut album, Body Music,  manages to go there and back without making them some sort of guilty pleasure you’re afraid to tell your friends about.

AlunaGeorge is AlunaGeorge; that is, singer-songwriter, Aluna Francis, and electro instrumentalist, George Reid. And while many artistic and musical projects are formed through mutual friends, colleagues or random social interaction, this British duo found love on the internet. Back in 2009, before the inevitable demise of MySpace, Reid began remixing tracks for Francis’ then project, My Toys Like Me. By 2012, the pair had released their first single ‘You Know You Like it’, followed by a chart-breaking collaboration with British band, Disclosure.

Body Music, is an album of (fictitious) nostalgia. With Francis’ throwback R&B melodies sung through her infectious child-like vocals caressed by an English accent peeking out. But with these R&B ’90s-themed songs comes Reid’s ability to transmit something different and listenable; with garage dubstep sounds that do well not to overbear Francis’ tiny vocals. The album consists of light and, at times, flippant lyrical content that are complemented with either chill or upbeat tones, allowing you to sing along without really thinking too hard about life. Francis sings with a balancing amount of energy and sway that makes Body Music a worthwhile listen. And due to Reid’s minimalist approach to instrumentation, the duo mesh so well that neither artist would be able to exist well without the other.

AlunaGeorgeWith Body Music’s over-abundance of material – i.e. 19 whole songs – standout tracks are in order: The album’s title track, ‘Body Music’, can be described as sweet dubstep that sounds like sex in the spring, with those old R&B rhythms and Francis’ manipulated vocals. Opening track, ‘Outlines’, is a slow infectious ’90s-like bumpy ballad that draws you into the album.

‘We Are Chosen’ takes a few listens before you get passed the boring melodies and start enjoying the complicated rhythms and the light contagious steel pan.

Personal favourite and second single off the album, ‘Your Drums, Your Love’, is the repeat one for the following reasons: its overbearing 90’s R&B sound is so present that you can’t help but fall for this duo. Lyrically, it’s the highlight of the album: “I’ve been treading water for your love / Whether I sink or swim / It’s you I’m thinking of.” The interruptions of dubsteppy vocal manipulation in the contagious hook are just the icing on an incredibly sweet cake.

And while it may be hard to take on another electro-pop project fronted by a baby-like sounding vocalist, a la Ellie Golding, Grimes, Purity Ring, among others, AlunaGeorge manages to do the same as the rest: offer a sound that you can’t really deny is just, well, good.

AlunaGeorge ‘s Body Music  LP is currently available on iTunes.

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