The Tragically Hip

G Downie mic standNot since the Rush concert in1979 has a band played a show in Hamilton, Ont.,’s Ivor Wynne Stadium.

For the first time in 33 years, a concert was held at the stadium on Saturday October 6. This will also be the last concert in Ivor Wynne as the dilapidated stadium is being ripped down after 84 years and replaced after this Ti-Cat season comes to an end.

More than 13,000 fans showed up to see The Tragically Hip with Canadian artist Sam Roberts being the opening act. The night was beyond freezing – eight degrees at it’s highest temperature, and even a little rain fell – but no one noticed or, more so, no one cared!

Gord Downie unfailingly puts on an excellent show for both the eyes and the ears. He pulled out his handy handkerchief, which he somehow manages to juggle or even use as a hackysac with his feet and arms; he throws the mic stand around like it’s a walking cane for only the elite. Amazing!

The sound was clear and beautiful, marijuana smoke filled the air and everyone screamed and sang along to the best of the best from The Tragically Hip, who opened with ‘At Transformation’ from their newly released album, Now For Plan A.

Quickly, they proceeded to the crowd favourites such as ‘Ahead By A Century’, ‘At The Hundredth Meridian’, ‘Poets’, ‘Fiddlers Green’, ‘Fully And Completely’, ‘New Orleans Is Sinking’ and ‘Blow At High Dough’.

The encore featured ‘Wheat Kings’, as well as ‘My Music At Work’.

But Mr. Gord Downie wasn’t finished there. He had some lovely words to say of Ivor Wynne before exiting the stage:

“Good night Garney Henley, good night Mosca, good night to all the rock shows you never had and good night Pink Floyd.”

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