The Pack A.D.

ThePackADMany have said that if The Black Keys and The White Stripes were to have a baby, it would be The Pack A.D. They could not have been more correct. The heavy guitar riffs and crashing drumbeats that these two girls create is insane. They combine The White Stripes’ bluesy-ness with The Black Keys’ loudness all mixed in with their own unique flavour to create something magical. All this is even more evident in their live shows.

The Pack A.D clearly love what they are doing and it shows in their performance – and even mores in how, after the show, they stick around and mingle with their fans.

Starting their show with ‘The Water’ and ending their set with ‘Sirens’, The Pack A.D filled their performance with loud jams such as ‘8’, ‘Haunt You’, and a crowd favourite, ‘Cobra Matte’. The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto is a perfect venue for the duo as the audience is close enough to be heard singing along to the lyrics.

Eyes closed, The Pack A.D sounds as if there are many, many members in the band when in fact there are only two: guitarist Becky and drummer Maya, both from Vancouver, B.C. The band was formed in 2006 and, with the release of their newest record, Unpersons, they have slowly started to grow in popularity.

The Pack A.D’s album Unpersons is available in all major record stores and is a very highly recommended purchase.

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