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TheElwins-AndThankYouIf you frequent the Toronto music scene, you’ve probably heard of this four-piece band from Newmarket, Ont., The Elwins. From collaborating with Born Ruffians frontman, Luke Lalonde for a cover of Beyonce’s ‘Countdown’, to winning Best Indie Rock Award at this year’s Toronto Independent Music Awards, The Elwins are beginning to establish a name for themselves in the Canadian music scene and things will only continue to grow for them.

This past February, they released their first LP, And I Thank You, an upbeat, happy album reminiscing ‘60s pop.

The melodies are catchy and easy to dance to, and perhaps best showcased on ‘Stuck in the Middle’, a standout track that has me – a dedicated wallflower – itching to shake and twist as opposed to head-bopping through the song.

Other notable songs include ‘Propinquity’, an immediate ear-catcher with the beginning guitar riff, and the chorus (“What if we had met from the staaaaaart?”) that holds your attention until the very end; as well as ‘I Miss You and I’, which is slightly slower than the other songs on the album, but certainly not much darker. It serves as a relaxing buffer as the album draws to a close.

As their debut piece, And I Thank You has proved that The Elwins have a knack for music that gets even the stiffest heads moving in time with the beat. I’m looking forward to hearing what they produce in the future and hope it keeps me itching to dance.

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