The Dirty Projectors :: Swing Lo Magellan

DirtyProjectors-SwingLoMagellanEasy listening is not something The Dirty Projectors will ever be. However, Swing Lo Magellan, the band’s sixth album, has the melodies floating closer the surface than ever before.

Dave Longstreth has built his reputable musical genius on his ability to keep things far from obvious, in previous albums he has tried to “. . .construct some sort of dialogue between West African music and American hardcore, or between mid-2000s Timbaland and Mahlerian wind writing. . . .”

Longstreth escaped to rural Delaware to write the majority of the tracks and the calm, slowed-down atmosphere was a large contributor to the stripped down sound we hear on the Projectors’ new album.

The harmonies are gut-wrenching and a more personal musical connection is felt.

Where most first-time Projectors listeners can be thrown by the constant push and shove of previous releases, such as the David Bryne (Talking Heads) collaboration track, ‘Knotty Pine’.

Tracks such as ‘Dance For You’ are immediately engrossing, something that sets the new album apart.

There is bound to be a new wave of fans, while the orchestral intricacies wash seasoned listeners with their familiar creativity.

Ever fresh, ever invoking, ever effortless . . . .

Longstreth has reflectively said of his music, “I’m going to open this window and just collect these leaves as the blow of the tree . . . .”

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